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A passion topic that is seldom discussed openly due to the sensitivities associated with it or the taboos (depending on culture, religion, race etc.) is sexual health. Owing to the idea that it is seldom discussed, many aspects of this very important part of our lives remain unexplored. Indeed, arguably, the general population at large remains woefully unaware of its importance. How intricately tied it is to one’s overall inner peace and over health cannot be underestimated.


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When we speak of Sexual health we want to acknowledge that it encompasses not just the act of intimate activities with a love one, or the emotional intimacies which come with being in a relationship but also, how to be one with the sexual needs of the self. The idea that you need someone else to fulfill your sexual needs is an outdated and incomplete concept. It ties in with the idea that if you can't be happy with yourself then to expect someone else to make you happy will forever be an illusion that you will be chasing. A tiring illusion.

The notion that one needs another person to realize what their sexual needs are is also an outdated idea that can be argued to stem from a heteronormative and biblical position which suggests that a male and female need each other to complete each other. This is incorrect, as a body has its own way of suggesting the path to a max passion satisfaction. It will put small clues here and there that any semi observant person can put together and gain some indication of what they require sexually. The biggest problem to tackle in this case is the great stigma society has attached to sexual satisfaction, that it is a whispered activity that should be behind closed doors and rarely publicly acknowledged.

While it is hard to trace where this stigma arises from it is easy to succumb to since our parents rarely discuss it, and it's not exactly something that's taught in schools. Unfortunately, we don’t see it on billboards or flyers for betterment of sexual health, we rarely see classes to realize our sexual passions, we don’t see boot camps advertised for sexual fitness, there are every few schools globally offering sex-ed on a large scale. The culmination of the shunning of this topic has merged into a very sad result – woeful unawareness if not downright ignorance. But it is time that changed.


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With a renewed focus being on personal and individual fulfillment, many companies and groups have attempted to respond to the lack of awareness. In every city and even on the main stream web multiple physical and online sexual health stores have popped up and their popularity is growing exponentially. They cater to wide array of needs and desires of people, are discreet and play a huge role in furthering the agenda of sexual health.

These sexual health and lifestyle stores don't make judgments based on sex, gender or sexuality. Because of the rebelling against the stigma and the growing acceptance of sexual satisfaction, there are growing varieties in the Adult Toys available for personal sexual gratification. Major online retailers and mainstream websites now offer hundreds of reviews for thousands of sex objects or toys, depending on how one sees them. However, as it is with everything retail, supply breeds demand and demand breeds competition. Competition brings forth both expensive and luxury items, as well as the supply of inferior objects hoping to capitalize on the situation.

With a growing hunger from the global population for these products the market is now inundated with cheap low quality and, quite frankly, dangerous products that lure people in with their cheap prices and glossy descriptions that do little as to what they promise. What many people do not realize is that because adult toys are legally classified as novelties, there is no regulatory body governing their production and sale.


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Low quality products are not only potentially dangerous but they can also be counterproductive in achieving ones passions, physically and sexually. A poor quality toy that doesn't deliver on its promises can stymie and taint the experience of self-improvement that these products were designed to promote in the first place. Further, it is not just the quality of products but the sheer variety which can be incredibly intimidating for a new user considering adult toys. This intimidation can be to the point where a person may simply give up because it’s all too hard and confusing. Thus there was a dire need for an introductory object that was as gratifying to the first time user as it was to an experienced user. One that worked as promised and aided a person in their quest for the fulfillment for sexual passion and inner peace


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Enter Maxpassion. Made by a health care product industry giant they produce a range of objects that are both revolutionary and simplistic. It wholeheartedly fulfills the criteria under which it was designed and stands out majestically amongst its competitors. Using a team of highly qualified engineers and back breaking research and design, maxpassion is high on quality and performance. Keeping in mind the general sexual needs of an individual, this line is inspired by a diversity of individualistic body types and erogenous zones and have been made to provide stimulation regardless of shapes and sizes. Made with the highest quality materials for highly comfortable use, these products range from mini vibrators to rocket tails all with multiple settings functions in a variety of different shapes and sizes to cater for individual requirements. Most of these sex toys come with a multitude of settings and speeds with some coming with advanced functionality that will allow the product to be connected and controlled by your mobile phone, tablet or PC. All of Max Passions products are designed for simplicity as you begin to explore your own self and see what works for you.

Inspired by popular design and robust feedback the wide array of products by maxpassion ensures that you can choose an individual toy which you feel will best suit your needs while seeking self-improvement. Maxpassion ensures that you go a long way in your quest for self-improvement and personal health while not compromising on the quality of what is being offered.

While it is no secret that personal fulfillment is not a short process, to find true happiness you need to be engaging personal fulfillment as a lifelong commitment. It’s a journey through which as you navigate you add more and more items to a list that you soon realize is never ending. And that exactly is joy of the journey, the myriad of paths and choices that you have and that you can take which will ultimately lead you on your own journey of self-discovery.


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Once the floodgates open you soon realize that there is no end goal and the possibility to realizing ones trues passions in life are endless. You realize that achieving the perfect body, inner Zen and everything associated down those paths have no one way to achieve them. There are a thousand ways and you can explore as many as your heart desires within your lifetime. The point is that there is no end goal because with the way the human body is designed and the way our mind functions - then happiness and peace will always be found in a multitude of objects things and situations. There will always be room for self-improvement, for self-exploration.

Once the desire to be the best version of ones self-sets in, there will always be the hunger and desire to push our own boundaries, see how far our very own horizons can be expanded. It's not dissimilar to the travel bug, and how when exposed to a new country or culture that we become obsessed with it, and the exploration of not only that culture, but of all cultures. The beauty of the process lies in the starkness of the realization that self-improvement is not a goal but a lifestyle.


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Self-improvement, the discovery of passion in the mind is an ongoing process. It's not a switch that switches on one day and you're stuck with it - it's something that needs to be fed, cultivated and grown. It encompasses every aspect of every minor and major decision we make in our lives. Every idea and every moment will affect how we feel about ourselves and how we look after ourselves and the sooner we come to terms with that the faster our own journeys can begin. If we lock ourselves in the knowledge of today’s reality we will never truly come to terms with how much better we can be to ourselves and with ourselves, it will be a shame. If we confine our minds to what we can solely see externally we will forever be eternally blind to what is out there.

It’s the idea that we can be better than we are now, that we can wholly be at peace as opposed to being continually bogged down by dealing with the tumultuous nature of our present state minds and it is that which should serve the as the biggest motivator to seek self-improvement. The thought that


“Hey My Life Is Good But Guess What It Can Be Great"


that should serve as a personal drive towards personal fulfillment. For, if we all have achievable goals about ourselves, if our passions are always within reach then what is the point of living day to day as is, that is only existing and can hardly be called living. Living in striving for the best, the greatest version of our selves. If gratification was an almost instantaneous process then imagine how short lived the pleasure will be. If its short lived won’t be grow tired of chasing your tail? Won’t we lose the initiative to seek out what we can’t readily have? Our passions have to be infinite.


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Passion can be a funny motivator. It can be the source of immense joy or immense hardship depending on one’s perspective and what’s going on in life at the time. Most of all it can be the source of ones greatest driving force and motivator. What you choose to be passionate about is an intensely personal decision. Not that it has to be a singular object or person, it can be physical destination or even a specific mental state. It can be an object or a person or a skill or a life-long lesson. It can be a job a service, it can be a cause or it can be dream. What it should never be, however, is all consuming to the point where nothing else matters.

Sure, there are very successful people out there with this trait, but are they truly happy or do they have some regrets in the time spent pursuing their passions and at what sacrifice? History is littered with the stories of great men and women who fell when all that drove them was passion and all that they fed off, was that passion. Your passion should be the rage that drives you but you should be actively working to curb the enthusiasm into productivity. It should be realistic but worth the effort. It should be tangible such that you can relish it- only then can you reap the rewards.

Most motivational speakers out there advocate for making your passion your life’s work. While that is a very adrenaline inducing thought it must be noted that there is a fine line between spending your life fulfilling your passion and having your entire life engulfed by your passion. While the former will bring you joy every day in your working life making it all the more worth it and let’s face it, bearable, the latter will most probably bring misery and sadness to you and all those associated with you. Being engulfed by something that can so easily get out of control is a scary thought but as long as you have some modicum of self-control and wits about to see in what direction your life is moving and what is making your life move that way, it is safe and almost easy to stay in control.


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Remembering that nothing easy brings great joy, yet don't allow that journey to consume you, Self-awareness is huge aspect of self-improvement and striving towards ones passion. It greatly helps when you periodically stop and take a breather and self-reflect about your own self in both a physical and mental sense. It helps to regularly take stock of one’s situation so that you are aware that you're heading in the right direction, and can subtly adjust if needed.

While it is true that you should never let your passions dictate your life, it is always good to have a sounding board, a person or place that gives you a realistic perspective about how you are being driven by what you are so passionate about. After all, throughout the centuries there has always been a muse, a guide to all the great people that have walked across the earth. While self-improvement is the final goal, you need to realize that your personal, physical and sexual health are the tools that will help you feel fantastic about yourself.

Anyone or anything that doesn't recognize that, or is a force of negativity in your life can be damaging. As it is with most things in life moderateness is advocated just because of the simple fact that you always want to stay on track, too much of a good thing will rarely work out for someone in the long run! So when it comes to chasing your passion, when it comes to sorting your life out - you need to remember that core principle, everything in moderation.


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With products like Maxpassion in the market, you have the tools available to channel your energies in the right way. These products help can optimize at least one of the major pillars of one’s own health and go a long way in your personal development and long term health. Failure to realize the domino effect of the different facets of self-improvement can be damaging to say the least. It is the realization that all these facets are intricately linked which will lead to the best optimization of yourself.

By now you'll see that we have covered pretty much all aspects of a passionless relationship and getting it back to burning brightly. We have looked at communication, we have looked at developing physical intimacy, all of which involve a one on one situation

Bring Back the Passion Part Two

A lot of people feel that sexual aides are restrictive for men, and that everything on the market is geared towards women. This is a wildly inaccurate assumption - indeed, even beyond masturbators there are a wide range of sexual aides for men which focus on anything from the penile region, to anal and prostate play.