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What is Passion: The Definition, The Drive, and The Explanation?


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Passion is one of those words that have been bandied about for so long that the majority of people have lost the meaning of the word. The word is so accustomed to being a part of sexual health and relationships, and it is often confused with the other definitions of other words out there. Passion becomes synonymous with words like hobbies, loves, interests - and these words are all profoundly different. Indeed, we asked around the office and the truth is that not everyone understood what passion was. Let's try to gain a simple understanding of the word passion; that being that it is an exceptionally strong and uncontrollable emotion that you have inside of you. This emotion, may be raw and unguided and it may be for someone, something, or somewhere.

It was clear when going around the office that part of the trouble that many people have with passion is their inability to define it and identify it. When I was asking around and making a bunch of questions to give to people, I received varying answers and I certainly struggled in the difficulty of trying to decipher the fact that everyone had told me different things in regards to what passion had meant to them. Some people would identify a passion to a hobby or a dream, some would attribute passion to a person or a place, and others still had simply no idea - just because you love to bake cakes on a weekend doesn't mean that your max passion is in baking.

Success is often tied in with a passion, and the most successful people could identify their passion for a particular thing which has been a contributing factor to their success. But do you know yours? This website will explore a variety of different passions, and explore the concept of a max passion, it will explore passion in relationships, family, work, beliefs and the benefits of being passionate.



The thing about a passion is that it is not a hobby or a dream. Passion is about an unbridled emotional response to a particular thing, and especially if you're one to appreciate the association of words to their correct attributes then you'll certainly understand this. Else we run the risk of diluting the word in terms of what we have done with the word love, we say 'I love cake' in the same sentence that we say 'I love you' which dilutes the meaning and sentiment behind the actual sentence. When use a passion synonymously with a hobby, we are effectively doing the same thing.

There is actually a unique ingredient which separates passion and hobby and dream, and it can be considered to be a special dose of 'craziness' that is just one step short from obsessed. For example, there might be a collector of dolls that will fervently buy every new release doll that exists, and they will enjoy that. But then on the next level, you will find a person that not only will buy every new release doll, but also look through all the boxes for defects, for differences between different releases, will buy the same doll that's been released in another country for the different box, and buy every single doll that's already been released, as well put them in a special room, with special decorations and all sorts of things.

Does this sound obsessive? Maybe, also partly because we have used the example of dolls, but there's a difference in the approach between the two people and it is this 'craziness' in some regards which is what makes a passion, feeds it and develops it. Because at the end of the day, a passion doesn't just sit there, it manifests itself, it grows and it continues.


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Others might think that you're crazy and obsessed, but you don't follow your passion because of them, you follow your passion because of how it makes you feel, the way that it is linked to your heart, mind, body and soul. How it all feeds in together. When you're actively participating in something which sparks such curiosity and happiness in your mind - then there's a potential hint of something you are passionate about right there - add the craziness, the dedication and devotion and then the incredible amounts of time to it and you'll be closer to understanding what makes you passionate.

This is why passion is so difficult to define, because it varies so greatly from one person to another. There's the idea that you may even be unable to see and identify your passion. Your passions may not be something physical, or feel in a physical sense. Your passion might be as a result of something that you do, or an effect. Think about something such a teaching - where the passion and the joy is derived from the knowledge that you are teaching someone else, you may not like the kids, you may not like the class but there's a satisfaction and passion in knowing that they have gone home that day learning something new. Hospital workers, social workers, counselors, are all people and types of people that may find that their passion is not something physically tangible, but rather is an emotional response to the work that they do; make a difference in someone’s life.




Passion isn't something that comes overnight, sometimes you'll need to rough and tough it out. Imagine practicing for hours and hours on end, day after day after day until you finally reach perfection. But that's one of the key things about passion - there is no perfection and you're constantly going to be striving for the top. There's nothing else that you're going to care about until you reach the top.

Now a passion might stem from a childhood dream, or it may be something that has developed over time as a response to new stimuli. Things that we do during childhood may manifest and evolve themselves into new and exciting things which we can attribute to the development of our passions. What starts off as us playing with Lego, repeatedly sketching out Pokemon, writing constantly into a diary (all these things I stole from people in the officer) can transform into something different. The key is to acknowledge that growing up doesn't mean that you have to let go of what you loved doing, and that also means being invested into it. Now I'm not just talking about monetary investment here, yes some passions will cost money but the point that I have made so far is not only will you not care about that, but the investment must also come from within.

A passion is not something that you can be flippant about, it's not like loving your partner because your partner may or may not be with you for the rest of your life. Your passion is different because it will stay with you, affect you, drive you, and that sometimes comes at great personal investment. Investing time, effort and hard work at the cost of a lot of other things. Relationships have fallen to passions. Does that mean that passion is a more intense emotion than love? In some ways, perhaps. But it is a testament to the fervent dedication that passion requires to the exclusion of all else, it can be almost like an unpaid job, or a second family in regards to the amount of time and energy that a passion can take.

Now this is the perfect time to point out, that although it seems that a passion is hard work, and with everything that we've mentioned thus far, why would anyone bother being passionate about something. The answer is as simple as it is deep and that is simply, because it is worth it. The blood, sweat and tears are all worth it in the long run and there is a sense of happiness, and accomplishment that nothing else can achieve when a passion is being stimulated. Sure, you might shut out the world and only focus on one or two things, and the ironic thing about shutting out the world is that they will shut you out simply because they do not understand your drive, your passion and your dedication, but a passion is not about them, it's about you.



Passions are unstoppable. They're not switches. You can't flick them on and off, and abandon your passion. You can't get knocked down, and stay down and never touch your passion again because it'll be there always at the back of your mind. Tickling your senses and driving forth your curiosity. Until you 'complete' your passion it will drive you and you will surrender to it in some form or another.

So there you have it. I understand that the discussion on what is passion is a long winded process - but that's a testament to the complexity of the definition. To put it simply passion is an overarching emotion which is closely linked to a person’s individual drive, energy, and motivation. Passion charges us, it changes us, and it pushes us into a raw enthusiasm of sorts where little else matters. A passionate person is an ambitious person and like a snowball, once it starts it is unstoppable until the very end.

T.S Elliot, a brilliant British literary figure once commented on the harshness and difficulty of defining passion when he stated

'It is obvious that we can no more explain a passion to a person who has never experienced it than we can explain light to the blind.'

Not everyone is gifted with passion, for not everyone could handle it. It drives them and it takes a brave and opportunistic person to grab a passion and run with it. In today's modern world, people don't like the unrestrained lack of control that passion brings forth and they prefer a practical and controlled lifestyle. The embracing of passion scares them. Others succumb to it, they let their passion control the wheel and challenge them. But does this bring happiness?

Throughout the rest of this website, you'll find articles dedicated to passion, dedicated to awakening your mind to the idea of passion, how to embrace passion, how to live with passion. There's a certain element of bravery in passion, and the question is - do you have it?